The poetry of Andy Hickmott


The scent of bluebells reminds me of my childhood, growing up on the edge of the Kent countryside. It also reminds me a autumnal rot, and consequently has a funereal weight. These associations often find their way unbidden into my poetry.

I have the enormous privilege that I can devote all of my time to poetry and related interests (and of course all interests are related to poetry). Although I draw on my childhood for inspiration, I now live in the centre of Manchester and my poetry reflects the experiences and concerns of a reflective, mature urbanite. In truth it's all of a piece.

You can find examples of my poems in many of the leading literary magazines. But as few have access to more than a few of those, I share some of the best ones on this website. I also look to share my news and views here, and hope this will help make my work more "accessible" to readers - in every sense.